Floods and SuDs


Groundsure FloodInsight

Detailed data report for professionals assessing commercial flood risk

GroundSure FloodInsight is a detailed data report for professionals assessing commercial flood risk.

Comprising accurate and current information, flood risks are shown on separate maps for clarity of hazards and data is clear and succinct.


Groundsure FloodView

Comprehensive, authoritative and accessible data for flood risk assessments

GroundSure FloodView provides comprehensive, authoritative and accessible data for flood risk assessments. With full topographical data sourced from national agencies plus a view on the likely availability of flood-risk insurance for any given location, the clear and precise information enables you to interpret quickly and with total confidence.


Groundsure Residential Flood Report

In-depth and comprehensive analysis 

Groundsure property-specific assessment of surface water or groundwater flood risk, including effectiveness of flood defences or flood storage schemes. Each report is checked by an expert - allow up to two business days (usually much quicker).


GeoSmart FloodSmart

Flood and groundwater flood risk assessments for property professionals

GeoSmart reports provide clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of flood hazards which may be present. GeoSmart's consultants assess available data to determine the level of risk based on professional judgement and years of experience.


GeoSmart SuDSmart

Sustainable Drainage evaluation maps and summary

The SuDSmart Report range assesses which drainage options are appropriate for a Site. They build on technical detail starting from evaluation maps and infiltration screening, and work up to more complex SuDS Assessments detailing alternative options and strategy.


GeoSmart SD50

50m grid Infiltration Potential

The SD50 dataset provides a 50m grid assessment of infiltration potential.


GeoSmart GW5

5m grid GroundWater Flood Risk

The GW5 dataset provides a 5m grid assessment of groundwater flood risk.