The SuDSmart Report range assesses which drainage options are appropriate for a Site. They build on technical detail starting from evaluation maps and infiltration screening, and work up to more complex SuDS Assessments detailing alternative options and strategy.

Sustainable Drainage evaluation maps and summary

GeoSmart SudSmart                                                                       (From £195+ VAT)

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The latest guidance for sustainable drainage states that infiltration discharge into the ground is the preferred method for managing surface water. If this isn’t possible, other drainage systems can be introduced.

SuDSmart reports range from screening to more complex assessments, detailing alternative options and outline strategies.

These include attenuation volumes so they can meet Lead Local Flood Authority requirements. They are the most cost effective way to meet local authority planning conditions.

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  • Supplied as a PDF file

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  • Supplier : GeoSmart

  • Coverage : England and Wales

  • Formats Available : PDF 

  • Delivery Timescale : Within minutes

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SuDSmart - SuDS evaluation maps and summary - From £195 + VAT

SuDSmart Plus - SuDS evaluation maps and summary, Runoff amount & Preliminary assessment - From £745 + VAT

SuDSmart Pro - SuDS evaluation maps and summary, Runoff amount, Preliminary assessment & SuDS strategy - From £995 + VAT