UKMapStore offers a vast array of mapping products, including Geomni’s specialist products as well as Ordnance Survey mapping. To order your chosen map, or to compare available maps please follow the instructions below.


Head over to the

UKMapStore Map Portal

Click here to visit the interactive UKMapStore site (this will open in a new window). It is advisable to register with the map portal first, however this can be done at a later stage.


Select product

Select the product you wish to view/order on the left hand-side column. Please note for Geomni’s unique UKMap product that the map must be zoomed in on the Greater London Area.


Choose map area

Once you have selected the product you wish to purchase it is now time to select the area of the map that you would like to download. You can select an area using any of the following criteria:

  • Print size (e.g. A4, A3, etc.).

  • Ground coverage (in metres, or as a National Grid bounding box).

  • A radius from a central point.

  • Shape extract, which allows you to define your own area by clicking on the map. Double click to finish drawing.

  • Upload an existing shapefile (used in GIS) or a string of coordinates.


Add Additional Features

For certain products, there are additional layers or features that can be added to the order (usually at an extra cost). These will appear on the left-hand side menu bar. Once the features have been selected, click the ‘Order now!’ button.


If you have not previously registered or logged into the site, it will now prompt you to.


Place Order

Once satisfied with the options chosen, select 'Place order'. This will enable you to select your payment method, i.e. credit card, or invoice for certain orders.

Once processed, the order will be confirmed via e-mail, and the products will be available for download in your user account area.


Still need help? Visit our FAQ section or get in contact with us.