Designed for when a map backdrop is needed within desktop applications, the 1:1,000,000 scale data shows landscape features clearly, including settlements, boundaries, main communication routes and physical features.

Ideal for identifying national transit routes or plotting assets across a wide geographic area, you can customise the feature themes in different styles and colours. This is particularly useful for things like analysing sales force territories and displaying national asset locations.


OS MiniScale is supplied as an image-based format and can be converted to a wide variety of graphic formats. It does not need to be re-licensed each year. Please note: Only main roads and settlements shown.

Smallest scale Ordnance Survey map dat aproduct

Miniscale                                                                                                (From £5+ VAT)

Perfect for - 

  • Online and printed publications

  • Asset management at national level

  • Statistical analysis at national level

  • National background mapping

Available formats - 

  • PDF

  • Georeferenced TIFF

Technical details - 

  • Supplier : Ordnance Survey

  • Update Cycle : Annual

  • Coverage : GB

  • Scale : 1: 1 000 000 

  • Formats Available : PDF, TIFF

  • Licence Options : Perpetual

  • Delivery Timescale : Within minutes