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OS Open Map Local

Detailed street-level open data

OS Open Map - Local is the most detailed street-level open data vector mapping product available and is a great backdrop over which to display and analyse your own data.

OS Open Map - Local is suitable for the following applications:

  • Understanding your area in detail, including the location of key sites such as schools and hospitals.

  • Sharing of high-quality maps of development proposals to help interested parties to understand their extent and impact.

  • Analysis of data in relation to important public buildings, roads, railways, lines and more.

  • Presentation of accurate information consistently with other available open data products.

OS StreetView.png

OS Street View

Street level mapping of the UK

OS Street View is a very clear mapping product showing an impressive amount of detail. Going beyond simple street mapping, it includes:

  • Streets and street names

  • Building outlines

  • Railways and crossings, such as gantries and bridges

  • Key buildings such as police stations and railway stations

  • Significant buildings in less populated areas, such as farms

  • Woodland and water features

OS Street View does not need to be re-licensed each year. Please note: Field boundaries are not shown and the mapping is not suitable for planning applications.


OS VectorMap Local

Most detailed of the OS backdrop mapping

OS VectorMap Local is the most detailed of the OS backdrop mapping data products and covers the whole of Great Britain. Designed for creating graphical mapping, it can be used as is or provide a highly versatile geographic context for overlaying map data features.


The vector dataset version allows you to easily edit and customise the data to suit your application, such as adding or removing features and changing colour and styling. Alternatively, you could opt for a ready-to-use pre-defined raster version.


OS VectorMap District

Mid-scale digital raster and vector mapping product

When accuracy really counts, choose OS MasterMap Topography Layer. The most detailed, current and comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain, it enables you to take better decisions and manage your assets more effectively.


It is an approved mapping source for planning applications and land registration, and the definitive detailed mapping dataset for Great Britain.


25,000 Scale Colour 

Digital equivalent of the OS Explorer paper map series

Showing detail including public rights of way, access land, hill contours, height information and field boundaries, the familiar look of the paper version means easy to interpret information, making it particularly suited to displaying environmental or leisure applications.


50,000 Scale Colour Raster

Digital form of the OS Landranger paper map

It provides an excellent overview of main land features and communication routes, with the relatively high detail allowing easy identification and the familiar look of the paper version making information simple to interpret.

Administrative boundaries and local points of interest are also shown, and the town mapping layer shows all roads and buildings as blocks of colour.


250,000 Scale Colour Raster

Small-scale digital raster map data

Similar in content and appearance to a typical road atlas, it's ideal as a high quality basic location map of a wide area and does not need to be re-licensed each year. The product shows landscape features clearly, including:

  • Cities, towns, villages, centres of population

  • Motorways, A and B roads

  • Railways

  • Rivers

  • Places of interest

  • Some woodland features



Smallest scale Ordnance Survey map data product

Designed for when a map backdrop is needed within desktop applications, the 1:1,000,000 scale data shows landscape features clearly, including settlements, boundaries, main communication routes and physical features.

Ideal for identifying national transit routes or plotting assets across a wide geographic area, you can customise the feature themes in different styles and colours. This is particularly useful for things like analysing sales force territories and displaying national asset locations.


OS MiniScale is supplied as an image-based format and can be converted to a wide variety of graphic formats. It does not need to be re-licensed each year. Please note: Only main roads and settlements shown.


Boundary Line

Administrative boundaries in detail 

OS Boundary-Line is a specialist dataset of voting and administrative boundaries represented as vector digital data. It provides a full hierarchy of boundaries, from district, wards and civil parishes/communities to parliamentary, assembly and European constituencies.


Code Point

Precise geographical location for each postcode

There are approximately 1.7 million postcode units in England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland has approximately 46,000. Each postcode unit, such as KY12 8UP or PO14 2RS, contains an average of fifteen adjoining addresses.

An economical planning or marketing tool for users not requiring individual addresses. Includes National Health Service and local government area codes down to ward level. Geographical location for Code-Point is taken from Ordnance Survey's ADDRESS-POINT® product.