When accuracy really counts, choose OS MasterMap Topography Layer. The most detailed, current and comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain, it enables you to take better decisions and manage your assets more effectively.


It is an approved mapping source for planning applications and land registration, and the definitive detailed mapping dataset for Great Britain.

Mid-scale digital raster and vector mapping product

OS VectorMap District                                                                 (From £13.44+ VAT)


Perfect for - 

  • Presenting information in a broad geographical context

  • Highlighting information relevant to a specific project or audience

  • Creating customised cartographic products

  • Asset management

Available formats - 

       Raster (print ready):

  • Georeferenced TIFF

  • Georeferenced JPG

  • Georeferenced TIFF_Lzw

       (for map information)

  • PDF

      Vector (data export):

  • DXF

  • SHP

  • TAB

  • MIF

Technical details - 

  • Supplier : Ordnance Survey

  • Update Cycle : Quarterly 

  • Coverage : GB

  • Scale : 1:10 000

  • Formats Available : PDF

  • Licence Options : Annual

  • Delivery Timescale : Within minutes