UKBuildings is a unique database, created and maintained by Geomni to help you understand the age, structure, characteristics and use, of commercial, public and residential buildings across the UK. The UKBuildings database contains the location and footprint of all buildings across the UK with a full classification within urban areas (towns above 10,000 population).
UKBuildings is widely used in the insurance and finance sectors and by government, telecoms and utility organisations.    


Please note: More refined age and structural detail (wall and roof type) plus links to address data via a UPRN link file is available off-line.  Please contact us for further details.

A national geographic database of building characteristics

UKBuildings                                                                                          ( From £5+ VAT)


Perfect for - 

  • Detailed property & building characteristics – footprint, height, age, use

  • Utility asset risk and replacement programmes

  • Residential and non-residential data

  • Urban planning

  • Fire/risk assessments

  • Complex non-commercial properties and above ground floor usage

  • Improved decision making and evaluation

Available formats - 

Print ready (raster)
Layers on demand: Simply click on & off
•    Print ready (Layered PDF)

Data export (vector)
•    Shape 


Technical details - 

  • Supplier : Geomni UK

  • Update Cycle : Bi-annually 

  • Coverage : GB

  • Licence Options : Annual

  • Delivery Timescale : Within minutes

Samples - 

Download a small sample of UKBuildings data.

Download a small sample of UKBuildings print data.