UKLand is a maintained, national database of land information providing a detailed, consistent breakdown of the use of land across the UK.

UKLand includes a basic, high-level land-use classification (man-made, natural, agricultural, or water) and a more detailed arrangement of 27 classes including natural area, a range of agricultural types, woodland, and built environment.  Available for the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, together with border zones of the Republic of Ireland and parts of Northern France and Belgium.

Designed for regional or strategic analysis, rather than detailed local studies, the UKLand database is ideal for reviewing areas of at least 100km2.  Land use data can aid the decision-making process and help to speed up planning for a wide range of projects, for example, major infrastructure projects and targeting specific land use areas.

A national land-use database


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Perfect for - 

  • Regional analysis and planning

  • Wind farm planning

  • Assessments for major projects

  • Strategic reviews

  • Land availability

Available formats - 

Data export (vector)

  • ESRI Shape

Technical details - 

  • Supplier : Geomni UK

  • Update Cycle : Bi-annually 

  • Coverage : GB and NI

  • Scale: 1 : 10,000

  • Delivery Timescale : Within minutes

Samples - 

Download a small sample of UKLand data.

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