UKMap is a modern, highly detailed, content-rich mapping database. Its unique, innovative design offers users access to detailed information about an area within a single geographic information source.

Based on 1:1,000-scale topographic mapping, UKMap accurately locates topographic detail and includes rich attribution detailing land and building use and land-cover. 


In addition, the database includes addresses, retail names, building heights, building use (including above ground use), a wide range of points of interest, aerial photography, together with a Digital Terrain Model.

Currently available for the London area to the M25, UKMap is used by London wide authorities, Boroughs, Transport for London, emergency services, consultancies, utilities, and commercial organisations.

Accurate, detailed, feature-rich mapping

UKMap                                                                                                 (From £10+ VAT)


Perfect for - 

Detailed mapping for Greater London with the following layers:

  • Aerial

  • Building Heights

  • Ground Heights

  • Land Use

  • Retail

  • Single Trees

Available formats - 

Print ready (raster)
Layers on demand: Simply click on & off
•    Print ready (Layered PDF)

Data export (vector)
•    DXF
•    Shape
•    x,y,z (for ground height contours)


Technical details - 

  • Supplier : Geomni UK

  • Update Cycle : Bi-annually

  • Coverage : London area to the M25 

  • Scale : 1:1250

  • Licence Options : Annual

  • Delivery Timescale : Within minutes

Samples - 

Download a small sample of UKMap data.

Download a small sample of UKMap print data.